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Most natural way of hair extension

Brazilian method –100% Of course

The Brazilian method is the most natural type of hair extension and is also known as the BIO METHOD. Strands of real hair are permanently fixed to the hair with a thin rubber thread. 

Neither adhesives nor heat are used to attach the strands of real hair, which can damage the hair or come loose when exposed to high heat (blow dryer, sauna). The strands of hair can be removed quickly and without leaving any residue and reused for a new attachment. Depending on the hair structure, the extension lasts three to four months.

Haare Verlängerung Nahaufnahme
Haare Nahaufnahme
Haare Nahaufnahme

weaving 100% Of course

In addition to the Brazilian method, WEAVING is one of the most gentle methods of hair extension. Fine horizontal plaits are braided along the scalp, into which real hair tresses are then sewn. The WEAVING is suitable for all hair types and is used for both thickening and lengthening.

The Result

Frau in dreifacher Ansicht mit Haarverlängerung

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