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Brazilian keratin treatment

 from PURAH 

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Keratin treatment with BIO TANINO from PURAH BEAUTY

For unique straight hair

100 % NATURALLY! The Brazilian is the gentlest and most natural way of hair straightening.

Free from chemical ingredients, it does not damage the hair. Ingredients such as aloe vera, arnica extract, lavender, macadamia oil, panthenol (provitamin B5), lanolin, tourmaline and keratin provide the hair with moisture and give it shine from root to tip.

BIO TANINO is suitable for all hair types. It smoothes, reduces volume and regenerates the hair structure. For healthy and beautiful hair!

Frau mit Locken und glattes Haar
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The Result

The treatment reduces hair volume, maintains moisture balance and gives your hair shine. Excellent results are shown with all hair types, even with Afro hair or white hair.

Even unruly hair is tamed. The treatment enables us to respond to your customer's wishes and can be carried out in different ways. Curly hair stays curly at the roots by applying the product only from the middle of the hair strands.

Haare vorher, nachher Bilder
Haare vorher, nachher Bilder
Haare vorher, nachher Bilder
Haare vorher, nachher Bilder
PURAH Platinum

For blond streaked hair

Platinum is designed to smooth, repair and moisturize blonde or highlighted hair. It takes the split ends from the root to the tips and makes the hair shiny and soft. Enriched with argan oil, vitamin E and pasania mushroom extract, it deeply moisturizes, permanently smoothes and neutralizes yellow and orange tones in blonde hair.

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for perfect  defined curls

Chemical-free, Purah Free Gold is a revolutionary carbon stone-based hair care product that repairs hair fibers starting from the cortex and perfectly defines curly hair. The hydration enriched with keratin and tourmaline restores the volume lost during the chemical treatment, making the hair elastic and healthy.

Purah Free Gold is a further development of progressive hair straightening especially for curly hair. The hair is cared for in a special and unique way, whereby the contained amino acid group and glyoxylic acid achieve a perfect definition of the curls. Thus, a precise result can be achieved during the treatment.

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